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ACE FUN Fish Table - 181

Products Details:

▪ Brand Name:HG GAMING

▪ Hot Sell to US Market

▪ Certification:Rosh,UL,CE

▪ Tags:fish game,fishing game,igs,fish table,fish game machine

Standard Features Include:

▪ 22" HD LG Monitor; 

▪ High Quality Steel Material Fish Tables;

▪ High Quality Wiring Harnesses,Buttons,Joysticks; 

▪ Key In/Key Out Functions; 

▪ ICT Bill Acceptor & Printer;

▪ Mutha Goose System Supported;

Product Description

High Holding 20%-50% Fish Table Game,Fish Game Kit,Fishing Hunter Game For Sale


Hello friend, I am Andy Wu from Acefungame Company.

     Do you have any purchasing requirements for slot cabinets or fish tables? We have 23.6 "/32"/43 "

slot machines, online games, pot o gold, and 55" -100 "fish platforms suitable for 2-10 players. 

Our machines are equipped with game boards, bill acceptors and printers, high-quality wiring harnesses,

 buttons, and joysticks all set up and can be played by plugging in the power

    We also have many popular games in the United States, including customized online platform apps, 

customized development slot games, and fish games. 

Please let me know if you have any requirements for them.

We look forward to your reply and extend our best regards.

Thank you!

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